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Welcome to the genealogical part of my pages...

The data from my genealogy is listed under Daten, the surname list is here. The most common surnames (September 2007) are: Höfer(411), Firnhaber(329), Kreibaum(110), Kreibohm(92), Schünemann(57), Fricke(55), Bauche(52), Meyer(46), Koineke(42)

This is my dft Dynamic Family Tree and the GENDEX-file: gendex

Comments, additions etc. are allways welcome, please send them to genealogy

Further data


Data on parts of the Kreibo(h)m families, collected by Kurt Kreibohm:

Sannig / Schwanitz

Genealogy Sannig and Schwanitz : dft Dynamic Family Trees (no longer supported),  gendex

Complete list of surnames

The complete list of all surnames: nameindex.

Maps, links etc.

Maps are now provided using Google-Maps...

For example: Sarstedt , and Mainz

A more complete, long list .

The linked list of locations with the birth, death and marriage dates place index.

The origin of some surnames: Bahlow

I'd like to make it completely clear that I will publish all data sent to me here on these pages as long as they are not clearly marked for personal use only. Data of living people is always stripped (i.e. no dates given). Please see Datenschutz (german only, sorry).

Genealogical pictures and photos

A few pictures from my genealogy:

Kreibaum family, ca. 1920
Kreibaum family, ca. 1920
Höfer home, ca. 1930
Höfer home, ca. 1930
Kreibaum engagement, 1920
Kreibaum engagement, 1920